The Legend: Wellness, Health and Divine Beauty


This beautiful and unique territory, recognized as a natural heritage of humanity and whose origin has its roots in myth and legend, brings together the strength of the sea from which it was born and the purity of the mountain into which it transforms.

The Dolomites, the land where our products are born, have been jealously guarded for millions of years by the waters of the sea which have left their precious essences in the earth, waters and rocks which now shine majestically in the uncontaminated sky.


Legend has it that in ancient times the Dolomites were made of dark rock, covered with woods. In its valleys lived a Prince who every night looked at the Moon dreaming of reaching it. Finally he succeeded and arrived up there he met a beautiful Princess .

The young people fell in love and after some time the couple returned to earth.
But the Princess without the light of her moon was more and more wasted.
The desperate Prince didn't know what to do, but one day the young man met the King of the Gnomes to whom he told of his pain.

The Gnome listened and assured the Prince that he would bring a smile back to the Princess's face if he allowed his people to live among those mountains.

The Prince promised and on the first full moon the gnomes reached the tops of the mountains and wove a huge luminous mantle with the rays of the moonlight with which they covered the Dolomites, giving them the characteristic light color that makes them unique.

Unfortunately, the Legend does not hand down the name of the Princess to us, but we, given the Mythical Beauty of this Land, have decided to call her GODDESS DOLOMITI.


We , inspired by the force and to purity of these mountains and to the beauty of the myth and to tradition of this earth we have created a line of food supplements whose formulation and qualitative characteristics are consistent with the characteristics of the places where they are formulated and produced.

For these reasons, in designing and producing a composition we choose not to exceed the three active ingredients in order to have the highest possible dosages inside a capsule and limit the daily intakes (dosage).
We choose plant extracts buckets titrated with the percentage more high Of active substances of which the percentage and the is certified quality .

We don't produce tablets even if their production is much cheaper because they contain numerous excipients that negatively affect the percentage of active and their absorption .

In our capsules the content is alone active principle and the weight of the vegetable capsule which contains them represents an insignificant presence.

We pay great attention to respect for the environment : we have abandoned plastic material containers and have chosen to use only the glass and the metal .
All phases from design to placing on the market are certified and controllable with maximum transparency.


DEA Dolomiti, unlike many other companies in the sector that market products, produces its supplements directly with accuracy, passion and pride.
WE ARE, WE ARE the producers!
This allows us to control the quality of the entire production process ; from the design , through the choice of the raw material , to the production up to the final marketing .

We could go on and on describing the characteristics of our line and in this we would not be very different from other manufacturers ; for this reason and to make our coherence understood, we invite anyone who is interested or just curious to contact us to ask for all the information on our products and their characteristics.

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