At the Origins of Wellness: Air, Water, Earth, Fire

The four natural elements at the base of life on our planet live in every essence of nature inside our supplements . 

The wealth of the Territory

The Dolomites, the land where our products are born, have been jealously guarded for millions of years by the waters of the sea which have left their precious essences in the earth, waters and rocks which now shine majestically in the uncontaminated sky.


The purity of the water

The crystalline and uncontaminated water that flows from the Dolomite rocks supplies the precious minerals contained in our products.


The lightness of the air

The lightness of the air that allows the Dolomite flora to breathe allows us to develop the precious essences of the plants we use to the fullest.


The energy of Fire

As the Sun warms and illuminates the nature of the Dolomites , so Fire melts the sand creating the amber glass of our jars and forges the golden metal of our stoppers with power and elegance.

In this way we support our commitment to respect the environment by eliminating the plastic material from our products.

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